A Whole New World

Ever start a project and feel like it's taking you into new territory with every turn? My last event, a Disney Princess Jasmine themed first birthday party, was just that. Now of course I'm all too familiar with the songs and stories from the movie "Aladdin" (I do have a 4 year old daughter, after all), but this was going to be much more than your standard theme party. This time, I was being asked to create a magical Arabian night for the family's very own little princess and 175(!!!) of their closest friends. 

The client wanted to transform the venue, your standard hotel ballroom, into an exotic space filled with glowing candles, towering arches, richly draped silks, and all the sights and sounds of a desert bazaar. With only 2 months to create this magic, it seemed a tall order.

From the start with our ever-growing Pinterest board, the ideas kept flowing. More lanterns! More purple lights! A custom costume for the 1 year old guest of honor? SURE! How about a flying carpet!? YESSSSS! MORE. EVERYTHING. Along the way, we had to drive 60 miles to find a cake artist who was willing to bring the client's vision to life, we had to secure a replacement belly dancer two days before the big event, and in keeping with Murphy's Law, the balloon arch nearly toppled 15 minutes before the doors open. But as these things do, all the pieces fell into place just in time. 

And the best part of this project? The chance to step into a completely foreign world. The family, originally from Pakistan, shared their culture and history with me so that the party could be truly personal, authentic, and unique to them. It was a great chance to learn about a culture that is very different from my own and it felt like an honor to be trusted to be a part of such an important celebration in their lives. 

At the end of the night, the father pulled me aside and said, "From now on, you will always be a guest at my home. You're part of our family now." It may have been a crazy magic carpet ride to get there, but it was well worth the trip.

Everything is Awesome

My daughter, a bona fide girly girl, is also super into her Lego building time. After weeks of waffling between a she-who-shall-not-be-named red-haired mermaid princess party theme and a badass (my word, not hers) ninja theme, she finally settled on her beloved Legos. She requested, among other things, that she attend the party in full Unikitty costume, with mom and I alongside dressed as fellow Lego Movie characters, Wild Style and Emmett, respectively.

Here's where we'll talk about all the super things that happened at the Everything Is Awesome Lego Party.